The Who and What of Hoopla

The Who and What of Hoopla


Many people ask us – What is Hoopla? defines Hoopla as:



bustling excitement or activity; commotion; hullabaloo; to-do.


That’s exactly the feeling we hope every student will feel as they join us on their learning journey to enhance and develop skills for work so they can advance in life.


We are an online, student centric organization.  Our team is driven by asking one fundamental question “Will this help our students achieve success?”   Our goal is to make skill development an activity that our student can feel bustling excitement for the advancement they will see in their lives.  Often times, that first shows up as earning more income to better support their families.


Skill development takes on many forms.  At Learn with Hoopla we are starting with the most fundamental skills, language skills.  We will add more programs as we grow and understand more about what our students need to truly advance in their lives.


Who is Hoopla?


The real life “Hoopla Team” is made up of dedicated professional who are driven to see our students succeed.  Inside our online learning platform, the “Hoopla Team” is made up of a number of student ambassadors who are front line workers just like our students.


Monkey Mike knows his way around the hospitality industry… from the front desk in a hotel, to serving in the restaurant, Monkey Mike is always customer focused and eager to help other student learn new skills.


Bubbles has years of first-hand experience escorting people on tours, caddying at a near by golf course and she has even driven tour groups when needed.  Bubbles has learned many skills along the way and has a wealth of study tips to share with students.


Gex is a master at customer service, and has worked in many service related roles… over the years you may have seen him in the aisles of a local retail store, enjoyed his assistance in an area hospital or you may have even talked with him on the phone when you have called a utility company.  Gex loves to share his experiences with students and offers suggestions on the best way to enhance skills to advance at work