What will 100 English words really do for me?

The research of several language and learning experts has been combined to develop Learn with Hoopla’s Language Training concept related to the 100 Core Words.

Although the average native English speaker knows between 15,000 – 20,000 words – and have spent years learning that vocabulary, would you believe that you could understand nearly 50% of spoken English by knowing the “right” 100 most frequently used words?

Sounds crazy right?  But the research shows a student can comprehend nearly 50% of basic communications with only 100 of the most frequently used words as they are repeated in the majority of conversations.  It’s also interesting to note that comprehension increases to 70% of normal life conversations when a student knows 800 to 1,000 of the most frequently used word… that’s only a 20% increase with 8 times the vocabulary.

So what are the 100 most frequently used words?

Instead of providing you the list (if you really want to see it, just google 100 most frequently used words in English), it is likely more beneficial and interesting to see the words in conversation.

This sample conversation contains 134 words.  It uses 60 of the words from the 100 most used English word and only 6 additional words.

Speaker 1.   A lot of people will want these things.

Speaker 1.   Some will take one or two and others will want many more.

Speaker 2.   What do they use them for? Can they make something with them?


Speaker 1.   No, they can not, but its about giving them to others.

Speaker 2.   That’s a new way to get liked.


Speaker 1.   Did you ask Mary  if she can she take some with her to Bangkok?

Speaker 2.   I don’t think she will want to this time because she has too many other things to take.


Speaker 1.   Can you ask her?  See what she says.

Speaker 2.   OK but if not, we could find someone who is going there as well.

Speaker 1.   Its up to you…. I think that by the time men take notice of them, we will  be all out. 


Its surprising how often these core words are actually used.  They truly are the foundation of the basic English conversation.